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Is happiness a choice, a set of healthy habits, or genetically determined? While it could be one of these factors or a combination of all, understanding what really makes us happy from the inside isn’t that easy. Working on your mind is probably one of the ways to become happier than you are now. According to studies, meditation is one such technique that can help change the brain for the better and promote feelings of well-being, contentment and happiness in general. (Also Read: 5 Weekend Rituals To Refresh Your Mind And Boost The Happiness Hormones)

Meditation helps us to become more aware. Staying in the present moment and being able to fully enjoy it is one of the happiest experiences you can have. Even meditating for a few minutes a day for a period of time can help you reset your mind and see life from a kinder, more loving perspective. The practice of meditation also helps curb stress hormones and promote happier hormones.

“Like the body, the mind also needs its share of nourishment. This can be in the form of holistic practices such as meditation. It is impossible to separate mind and body, both are connected and caring for one is for the other Meditation allows us to experience overall well-being and bliss because practicing meditation releases happy hormones in the body,” says Himalayan Siddha, Akshar, founder of the Akshar Yoga Research and Development Center.

Akshar also shares 3 meditation techniques for happiness.



As the name suggests, this type of meditation is all about observing the present moment and improving your memory of what you see. This kind of meditation helps in improving your mindfulness which in turn will help in increasing your happiness.


• Sit in a comfortable position, such as Sukhasana.

• Look 5 seconds ahead, another 5 seconds behind you, and right and left for 5 seconds each.

• Now close your eyes and remember as many details as possible that you observed.


This type of meditation is also highly recommended as it affects the speed at which your body can heal itself. Meditation techniques can improve your mood, calm your mind, and help you relax. This meditation practice allows you to release negativity and embrace positive emotions.


• To practice this, sit on a top of the mountain in Sukhasana or any other comfortable position that gives you the shape of a pyramid.

• The aim is to sit on top of a mountain in the shape of a triangle.

• In this position, visualize an inverted triangular shield in your chest and then meditate.

• During the meditative process, with each inhalation, this shield allows you to welcome all the positive energies of the world into you. And as you exhale, you release unwanted toxins, misery and negativity from within.


Tratak is about focusing on a flame, improving concentration and releasing unhealthy emotions such as anger. It offers tremendous benefits for controlling your mood.

What you need

• A comfortable mat to sit on

• A diya (or lamp) made of mud

• Ghee or oil

• Cotton wick

• Matchsticks

• Stool or desk


• Prepare the diya by first placing a wick on the diya and then adding ghee or oil from above

• Light the diya and place it on the desk or stool

• Make sure the flame is pointing towards you and at eye level, ie the flame should be in line with your eyes

• Start by sitting about four to five feet away from the flame. The distance depends on your height. You shouldn’t be too far or too close either.

• Make sure your neck is not tense while looking at the flame

• Sit in a comfortable position (preferably Sukhasana or Padmasana)

• Elongate your spine and place your palms facing up on your knees

• Join your index and thumb fingers and hold Gyaan Mudra

• Fix your gaze on the flame and direct all your attention to it

• Observe how the tip of the flame moves

• Try to blink as little as possible

• If you find your mind wandering, direct it back to the flame

• After your exercise, close your eyes for a while and release any tension from your eyes if there is any.

Direction: Face to the East

“Try practicing one or more of these meditation techniques for 5 to 10 minutes each day at first. You can also choose specific days of the week for a particular meditation practice. Try slowly increasing the duration of your meditation. Each meditation technique can be done in any sitting position that is comfortable’, concludes Akshar.

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3 Great Meditation Techniques To Boost Happy Hormones | Health

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