22 Cute St. Patrick’s Day Items You’ll Really Want To Keep

What does dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day mean to you? Do you reluctantly adorn a little green accent that won’t clash with your otherwise minimalist wardrobe to keep your kids happy, or do you love to dress in head-to-toe green, where any vibrant variation from kelly to clover to lime will do? Either way, these St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas cover all the bases: green tops, pants, headbands, jewelry, rompers, and more. And while a couple of these items will seem a little more Christmas-themed than others (they might have a subtle St. Patrick’s Day-themed motif or two in the form of a shamrock charm or the phrase “lucky”), they’re all pieces. versatile that will not have to be boxed and relegated to the donation pile or holiday box after March 17th.

Do you like an excuse to get dressed? Then a green and white sequined A-line dress might be for you. Got a little boy celebrating his first St. Patrick’s Day? A casual sweater with a simple Trefoil detail is a cute, festive, and comfy outfit for a newborn. Do you need something for your husband? How about a unisex sweater from a black and queer-owned brand that you’ll be happy to steal from their closet?

And as you celebrate the holiday, do your due diligence by familiarizing yourself with the history of St. Patrick’s Day so you can celebrate the holiday with respect. And if kids are included in the festivities, arm yourself with some clever St. Patrick’s Day riddles and puns to keep them in a good mood.


Children’s sunglasses for St. Patrick’s Day

Here we have a trendy pair of flower shaped sunglasses that all the kids seem to be wearing these days decorated with St. Patrick’s themed baubles – gold beads, flowers, a shamrock and the phrase ‘lucky’ written using the classic alphabet beads .


The best elegant dress for St. Patrick’s Day that shines

If you can’t leave the house without wearing at least one sparkly piece on your person, consider this amazing Verb A-Line Dress by Pallavi Singhee for your St. Patrick’s Day look. The retro yet trendy checkered pattern is actually created from sequins in white and the perfect clover green.


Cutest Mommy and Me St. Patrick’s Day sweater for moms

Yes, this cute pink sweater from mother-daughter-owned brand Sweet Wink embraces the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, but you really can wear it all year round. The pink and green color scheme always works, and while the same sweater comes in kids’ sizes, it also pairs perfectly with the kids’ Lucky Charm sweater below.


Cutest St. Patrick’s Day Mommy and Me sweater for kids

So cute and so true, this kids Lucky Charm sweater is tagless and lined with soft fleece for extra comfort. Paired with the adult Lucky sweater above, it’s the sweetest look for mom and me for St. Patrick’s Day.


The best St. Patrick’s Day top for men (and women)

It’s not uncommon to find a cream-colored fisherman-style knit sweater, but finding it in a specific shade of quirky highlighter green that looks more luxe than flamboyant is like finding a unicorn. From the brand owned by Black and Queer One DNA, this vibrant unisex sweater is made from a blend of wool and acrylic and is the kind of item you and your partner will keep stealing from each other’s closets.


The best everyday sneaker to wear on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t you like it when something from your everyday wardrobe works like your vacation? These popular Veja sneakers (a celebrity favorite) with a classic green accent add just enough color to your outfit to protect you from pinch flats.


The best St. Patrick’s Day outfit for kids

This adorable utilitarian dress with a repeating daisy motif screams “spring” more than “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” which is a good thing. And he thinks of all the gold coins and four-leaf clovers that can fit in those deep pockets.


The best leggings to wear on St. Patrick’s Day

We say that athleisure is the style that best defines you. These buttery soft leggings from Girlfriend Collective come in plus sizes and are the kind of thing you’ll really want to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, whether you’re watching the local parade from the sidelines, hanging out with friends at the local pub or even squeeze in a workout.


A dark green velvet top

This adorable square-neck velvet top is a great day-to-night layer for St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you plan to start your day at the office and hang out with friends afterwards. In dark green, it’s sophisticated and whimsical enough to wear on any night out, whether it’s spring or this holiday season.


A St. Patrick’s Day sash with cute charms

If hair accessories are your thing, this knit headband is the perfect piece to complete your St. Patrick’s Day outfit. It is covered with green velvet and decorated with festive charms – light, golden and green stones, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers.


A matching pleat set in St. Patrick’s Day greenery

Comfy yet chic, you won’t have any complaints wearing this matching pleated top and bottom set. It’s definitely a St. Patrick’s Day outfit with a difference, but if you feel too green to wear both, the pieces are sold separately so you can pair the top with jeans or the bottoms with a fitted top. .


The best St. Patrick’s Day baby romper

More sage than clover green, these adorable airy shortalls (playsuits) are the perfect spring to summer piece for your little boy’s wardrobe. Pair them with tights and a shirt for cooler days, or they can be worn on their own in warmer temperatures.


The best children’s shoes for St. Patrick’s Day

Start your little one’s Vans collection early with these adorable Velcro sneakers for babies and kids to add the perfect dose of St. Patrick’s Day green to their outfit.


The best St. Patrick’s Day jogger set for kids

To stay right on theme for St. Patrick’s Day, this adorable and comfy kids shamrock trousers and jumper set is super simple and far from cheesy, as many St. Patrick’s Day outfits for kids can be.


Best non St. Patrick’s Day shirt for kids

Your son insists they’re too cool to wear an obvious St. Patrick’s Day themed shirt, but they still have to sport something green. This stand up longline tee in a soft green can be worn all year round and no one would be the wiser that it was purchased as a top for St. Patrick’s Day. The sweet phrase “Let’s take a Walk” is printed on his chest.


The best cropped sweater for St. Patrick’s Day

If 90% of the tops in your closet are short, then this soft lime green cropped sweater from ZARA will fit right in.


Cute kids cardigan for St. Patrick’s Day

For big skater vibes, look no further than this cute checkered cardigan for kids to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.


The best hat for St. Patrick’s Day

Children who can pull off a cap? The chef’s kiss. This shamrock green hat is the St. Patrick’s Day accessory your kid didn’t know they needed, and its unexpectedness only adds to its appeal.


The best casual apron dress for St. Patrick’s Day

A comfortable smocked dress in green is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit (and would look cute with heels or scuffed sneakers), and one you’ll likely keep in regular rotation throughout spring and summer.


The best St. Patrick’s Day outfit for kids

The ruffled detail on this velvet onesie makes it look a little more formal than a hoodie and sweatshirt set, and will keep baby warm if it looks like St. Patrick’s Day is going to be a chilly day in your neck of the woods.


The best earrings for St. Patrick’s Day

Not everyone wants to drown in head-to-toe Celtic green on March 17th. If you live by the motto less is morebut still wanting to get in on the holiday spirit, consider these timeless stone hoop earrings from J. Crew as the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory.


The best business casual top for St. Patrick’s Day

This fitted sleeveless tank top is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day top from day to night. Wear it with a blazer and trousers if you’re going for a more professional look, or demin to spruce it up. Either way, accessorizing it with gold accents will give off pixie-style vibes in a really good way.

For some, the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit involves covering up in shamrock green. while some may prefer to have just a subtle green detail or two to accent their usual neutral wardrobe and to keep pinches at bay.

22 Cute St. Patrick’s Day Items You’ll Really Want To Keep

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