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It’s no secret to anyone that life can be exhausting. Even in the best of times, there are things that can push us against the wall despite our best efforts to stay in a happy mood – and other people are often the source of that frustration.

Especially if you have to explain the same thing over and over again, to the same person or to several people – as in these 15 cases.

15. Like it or not.

That we have few staff and that you just have to WAIT.

And yelling/being an asshole doesn’t speed things up

14. Yes, I am tired.

“You look tired, is something wrong?”

There’s nothing wrong. It’s just my face.

13. Not all of them are related.

So many Chinese have my last name, but we are not all related to Jackie Chan, just as not everyone with a Johnson last name is related to Boris Johnson.

12. It’s not rocket science.

If I work at night, I have to sleep during part of the day.

I remember living at home after high school and getting a job that required midnight for a year. My mom would wake me up and ask me to take my sister to school, or get something ready for dinner, or run errands while she’s at work, since I’m “off all day.”

When I got mad about being woken up at almost 1am for a normal person to get milk from the store, she told me to stop being lazy.

Some people have a serious disconnect with this.

11. He can’t fix everything.

That just because I can usually figure out how to fix most things does NOT mean I want to fix everything that breaks for someone else.

10. Nurse is a chore.

I am a man and a nurse. No, I don’t want to be a doctor. No, I’m not going to school to become a doctor. No, I don’t feel less of a man because I’m a nurse and not a doctor.

And stop calling me doctor and doctor. I’ve told you 5 times I’m your nurse and my badge says NURSE in big letters.

9. Someone’s disability is none of your business.

Just because someone doesn’t always need their disability aids doesn’t mean they aren’t disabled and pretending. Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around does not always mean that he cannot use his legs. They can still walk short distances.

8. It’s called science.

Everything is made of chemicals. Not everything “natural” is good and not everything “man-made” is bad.

7. It’s real.

I have insomnia. No, I can’t just “think about nothing”

6. These things are not the same.

Viruses are not bacteria

Bacteria are not viruses

5. That seems inappropriate.

I am ginger and many people ask me if ALL my hair is ginger too.

What is it about red hair that makes people comfortable asking about your pubic hair in public?

4. They still want to know.

Software developers are not computer technicians.

Yes, but my computer is slow, do you know why it does that? My cat videos are not working properly on reddit and everyone says it’s because the video player is crap but I think it’s because my computer is slow, can you fix it?

You are so good with computers, can you please fix the fact that I’m totally stupid?

3. It’s that simple.

Correlation is not causation.

2. Make it logical.

That type 1 diabetes is not caused by your diet and cannot be cured.

My mom once had to stop a nurse from giving her something and was like “I’m a diabetic I can’t have that” and she said the nurse looked at her and said “you don’t look diabetic”

1. It can be normal.

My hands are shaking a bit, it gets worse like; I am anxious; nervous; when people point out and/or tell me to stop shaking. Anything else. I went to the doctor, a specialist.

He told me it’s normal. People are still trying to misdiagnose me with Parkinson’s. The worst part is that it is always people who do not work in the medical field

Yes, no one likes to feel like no one is listening.

It’s worth trying to remember that a lot of it is perception, if you can!

15 People Share the Things They’re Just Tired of Explaining » TwistedSifter

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