12 Best IPL Hair Removal Devices – Top Laser Machines For Home

Looking for an effective way to remove unwanted body hair? Let us introduce you to IPL. Not only is it much more advanced than waxing or shaving, but it can also be done from the comfort of your own home. Where do we sign?!

While home IPL devices can be a decent investment price-wise, think about how much you’ll save on those waxing appointments. Need a refresher on the best IPL machines and why would you want to try one? Check out our full summary below.

Best IPL Hair Removal Devices 2023

Here’s the full rundown of everything you need to know about the best IPL hair removal devices out there, should you feel the need to depilate…

What is IPL and how does it work?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a form of light therapy. It works by targeting the hair at the root with a flash of light, which is converted into heat below the skin’s surface, preventing further growth. Treated hairs fall out naturally and any regrowth is much finer – and, with maintenance, can stop altogether.

Before you begin, you should shave the area you are treating. IPL needs some hairs for the light to ‘grip’ on (so avoid waxing or epilating just before), but should not be used on longer hair as this can lead to skin burning. Then you just press the device on the skin and zap away.

How quickly can I expect results?

Each brand differs, but most suggest starting with a 12-week program followed by less frequent top-up sessions to maintain the desired look. Just like with a good training schedule, you won’t see results overnight, but keep following your treatments and you will see a noticeable difference.

Can I use IPL on my skin color?

Unfortunately, IPL is not suitable for everyone. The ideal candidates are people with dark hair that contrasts in color with their skin tone. Light blonde, white or gray hair simply doesn’t contain enough melanin to get these devices working, and red hair doesn’t respond to this kind of light either.

Skin color is also a factor to consider. If you have dark skin, the higher melanin content can be picked up by the device and cause damage, making it unsafe for use.

When in doubt, you can read more about the Fitzpatrick skin type scale here, which classifies skin types and sensitivity in more detail. All of these machines contain an automatic skin tone sensor to determine the optimal intensity and safe settings for your skin tone.

Does IPL hurt?

While not as painless as shaving (albeit much more effective), the feeling of IPL is often described as a warm zap, similar to moving an elastic band. Remember that you will need fewer treatments over time (and it is definitely less painful than epilation). A lower light intensity can help reduce discomfort, which is worth remembering around the bikini area!

What to pay attention to when buying an IPL device

Some devices come with a preset amount flashes (most have a minimum of 100,000) and require a replacement bulb when they run out. Others have an unlimited number, so will last a lifetime.

The shorter the interval between flashes, the faster your treatment time will be. It’s also worth looking at the number treatment heads included in the package. If you plan to use on the upper lip or bikini line, a smaller head may be preferable. For more precision, you can choose to use the stamp mode, but when used on larger areas such as the legs, the to slide mode will speed up the treatment time.

Whichever device you go for, it is terribly important to read the instructions carefully.

How we test IPL devices

Products below have a Women’s health The Lab Approved logo was tested by a panel of 140 women who tested a range of home IPL hair removal devices over a period of six to twelve weeks.

They followed the instructions to the letter and found out how effective each device was at removing hair from the legs, underarms, bikini line and upper lip – and how easy it was to do so. They also recorded any regrowth that appeared and shared the results.

The other IPL devices have been selected by us WH editors, to give you even more choice.

12 Best IPL Hair Removal Devices – Top Laser Machines For Home

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